Why Full Circle?

Well to be totally honest… Bumpy chose Full Circle Equestrian smile

One morning after breakfast I was pottering around and my pocket pony was helping me with my yard chores as she often does which got me reflecting on how far we’ve come.  Once upon a time having my pony tinker around with me and chat about the various things that are going on in life was only a dream.

On this particular morning we were chatting about how much life has changed and how awesome it is now that I’ve learnt to genuinely listen and allow her to be who she is and share her opinions (and she has a lot of opinions lol!).  I turned to her and said “we really have come full circle haven’t we kiddo?” she gave me this look that could only be described as a knowing grin and a wink.

I stopped and thought for a minute …full circle… to complete a cycle and return to the beginning.  I felt this huge surge of joy and said to Bumpy “that’s it isn’t?” “Full Circle Equestrian” it was a light bulb moment.

To be given a chance to start over is not something many people get, and don’t get me wrong, the slate wasn’t wiped clean, not by any means.  Its contents, our history, was however cleared to one side and space was made for me to start writing a new chapter, this time as equal partners in the team.

As time has gone on the name Full Circle Equestrian has also revealed that it is all encompassing.  No matter what discipline you follow, if you compete or trail ride or don’t even ride at all, no matter what issue you may be having or what dreams you may have, embracing your horse for who he or she is and fully allowing them the space to be that will send you Full Circle.

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