What My Clients Say

Not only does Tiecher have an amazing gift with horses, but she truly brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her work. I personally highly value her guidance and teachings and it is all thanks to her that my young foal had such a positive introduction to the halter and to floating, most especially during what was otherwise a difficult and stressful time. Something I never would have thought possible! I now have a happy young 2 year old gelding who loves participating, interacting and learning! I highly recommend her and Full Circle Equestrian.


Thank you so much Tiecher! Ruby Gift has gone from an aggressive, anxious mare I was struggling to work with, to a calm, happy and cooperative horse. Since I brought Full Circle into our lives Ruby Gift and I have developed the most amazing relationship and I now have the tools, physically, mentally and emotionally to train my beautiful girl. We are committed to our journey and I know for 100 % sure that Tiecher is the coach to take us to the heights we want to reach.


I met Tiecher in February 2018, when I attended a clinic at her home, 4 months after my lovely mare, Lucy, entered my life. I remember watching her with her horses and what really caught my eye was how she looked at them with this huge smile every single time she interacted with them. She was 100% present with them in that moment, regardless of what was happening around the two of them. If I could bottle that and sell it, I would be a billionaire! There are no words to describe what I felt watching but knew I wanted that with my young horse. Since then I have attended other clinics at Tiecher’s place and she has now become my coach. Nothing is too much for her, she is a naturally supportive and caring person. It is very rare to find people in the horse world that are blessed with what Tiecher has. I trust very few people with my mare, but I would hand Lucy over to Tiecher in a heartbeat, knowing that she would always have her best interest at heart.


Tiecher has helped me realise that I have a reaction of tenseness whenever my horse gets close to me. With the help of grounding and breathing exercises I am now able to manage this reaction. I firmly believe that without the mentoring we’ve had from Tiecher over the past number of months, I would not have been able to shift this. I am extremely grateful and thankful to have met Tiecher and to have had her help and support.


Full Circle Equestrian is incredible. Tiecher is an amazing teacher, with a warm and generous heart who has helped Joey and I through challenges, and has certainly guided us to feel we are enough for each other and to certainly continue this path. I have a horse who is inspired, who is connected, communicative and loves learning. Tiecher, you are a gem.


Tiecher has been blessed with a unique understanding of horses but not only that, she is an incredible people person too! This makes for such a wonderful experience when you train with her because her understanding, compassion and wealth of knowledge sets you up for complete success. The ups and downs with horses can be challenging and everybody should have access to someone like Tiecher to guide you through those ‘sticky’ training times and unlock the relationship and goals with your horse that you always wanted too. Thanks Tiecher


WOW!!!! What an amazing experience it was to train with Tiecher and to be able to help my filly become so comfortable with being on the horse float that she doesn’t want to come out! The methods are so simple and so kind to the horse, no pressure, no pain and no frustration. There is no set way on how you get from A to B, it is very much follow the flow and it is an amazing journey and feeling!!!!


I first met Tiecher after a long break from horses, my horse Ollie was quite poorly from a bout of laminitis and shut down after a racing career, I was looking for something different to help him. Tiecher showed me a way of connecting with him that stripped away what I knew from the past and started me on a new journey from a different perspective, today Ollie is quite the expressive horse which I just love to witness. Tiecher has a very intuitive way of working with the horses which both myself and Ollie enjoy. She is also most helpful and generous with surpassing her knowledge and assistance, genuinely caring for both horse and owner which I have really appreciated, Thanks Tiecher


My horses and I get so much from our lessons with Tiecher. Being able to relax and feel safe means so much. Alli and I are growing our connection more each time, I feel Tiecher really understands both of us and the journey we are on and she always has plenty of ideas to challenge us. I can’t recommend Full Circle Equestrian enough.


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