Mind, Body Spirit

February 16th & 17th – Morangup WA

Mind, Body, Spirit is a two day exploration of the horse-human relationship.  When the mind, the body and the spirit are aligned we enter a flow state.

This clinic will show you how to help your horse connect their mind, body and spirit, allowing them to find their flow state.  To be aware of their body and empowered to move with power and ease.

We will invite the horses to share their wisdom with us and allow them to lead us while we connect our own mind, body and spirit to find our flow state.

Together you will create a space that exists between two beings who are in their own flow and merge together as one.  In this space we can invite our horses to learn new things, challenge their minds and stretch their bodies.

We will learn how to help our horses feel good and they will help you understand who you are with horses.

This low intensity weekend will include working quietly as a group with the horses in the shade, body awareness and yoga for horse and human and working with your horse on the arena to your choice of music.

This clinic is unmounted and will provide the opportunity for you to work with your horse at liberty.  People who participate without a horse will have an opportunity to explore some of the gentle hands on work with my horses.  The format for the weekend will be structured to suit the weather.


Date: Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th February 2019

Venue: Flame Lily Farm – Morangup WA

Investment: Horse Participant – two days $400.00 (sold out)  |  Non-Horse Participant – two days $100.00 (sold out)

Camping & Yards: Saturday night camping and yards for two days are included, extra days are available at an extra cost

Cancellation Policy: Your place is not confirmed until your payment has been received.  There are no refunds or transfers, if you are unable to attend you will need to find someone to fill your place.  For full Terms & Conditions please read here…

Horse Participant

Non-Horse Participant

What My Clients Say

Tiecher has been blessed with a unique understanding of horses but not only that, she is an incredible people person too! This makes for such a wonderful experience when you train with her because her understanding, compassion and wealth of knowledge sets you up for complete success.


My horse Ollie was quite shut down after a racing career. Tiecher showed me a way of connecting with him that stripped away what I knew from the past and started me on a new journey from a different perspective. Tiecher has a very intuitive way of working with the horses which both myself and Ollie enjoy.


Not only does Tiecher have an amazing gift with horses, but she truly brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her work. My young foal had such a positive introduction to the halter and to floating during what was otherwise a difficult and stressful time. Something I never would have thought possible!


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