Listening to Our Inner Wisdom

by | Sep 28, 2018 | From the Heart

Yesterday was the Full Circle Equestrian Teams first training session in over two months. They have had a forced break from training due to my need for surgery and the recovery period that followed.

Everyone nailed it! I was over the moon!

It was a little windy and they were all a little bit spooky and convinced there was a boogie man in the neighbours trees, but we were all able to manage our emotions and our energy and we all came away feeling empowered and inspired.

It was the catalyst for what came to be the perfect lesson in listening to our inner wisdom.

This of course lights a spark to keep going! So today I was charged and ready to train again, I had a plan of what we would do and the areas I knew each of them struggled with and how I’d invite them to challenge themselves… and then I walked outside…

OMG! The wind! It was positively blowing its bum off! My heart sank, I started to question if training today was such a good idea, my mind started coming up with all the pros and cons to see if one could out compete the other. Then it hit me… why am I in my head? I need to be in my body!

I knew in my head that the plan I had made for training would need to be changed as working in-hand with the risk of spooking would also risk me getting hurt.

Ok so if I change the plan what could we do? Still in my head…

I stopped myself and said “listen to your inner wisdom”

I could feel in my body the apprehension the horses had just standing in the paddock waiting for their breakfast and honestly I felt the same. Would this be setting us up for a successful training session? The no was much louder than the maybe.

Was I willing to manage the slew of emotions and physical reactions my horses would present if we attempted to train? I’m capable… but was I willing?

The real question was, was I willing to repair the damage if it all turned to poo? Did I want to go in the arena today and undo all the trust, understanding and honour I had built with each of them yesterday? NO! No I wasn’t willing to risk undoing any of it!

I was really sad that we wouldn’t be training today and as I brought my beautiful equine partners in for their morning meal and I watched each of them assess the dangers of going into their stables with this crazy wind I knew that my inner wisdom had guided me to the right answer for today.

Maybe another day when it’s super windy and scary we will venture out there and challenge ourselves to work through our fears but today I chose to let yesterday be the sweet taste that carries us through till next time.

Today I let my gut, my instinct, my inner wisdom… that bone deep knowing over rule my brain. I sunk into how it would feel if couldn’t repair the damage, if I had to finish on a sour note, how I’d be miserable and mad at myself for not listening to my inner wisdom and I let the wisdom in.


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