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Full Circle Equestrian started out of a desire to help people with difficult or dangerous horses overcome their struggles and create a safe and harmonious relationship with their horse.

My name is Tiecher Poulsen and together with my heart horse Bumpy and our herd we form the team behind Full Circle Equestrian.

My passion is to help you understand your horse so you both feel safe, confident and in love with life.  I’m here to help horse owners who yearn to have a deeper more meaningful connection with their horse.  I work collaboratively, with horse and human, combining aspects of both science and spirituality to create authentic partnerships built on confidence, trust and softness.


For over 30 years I have ridden, trained, competed and coached in just about every equestrian discipline there is.  I have worked for and trained under some of Australia’s top Dressage, Show Jumping and Eventing riders and coaches.  I’ve also worked for breakers* and trainers in both English and Western riding and had the honour of spending time with some of Europe’s most inspiring and dedicated horsemen and women.

My time with horses was what you would call mainstream although there was always a part of me that felt unanswered.  That was until the birth of Bumpy…

Due to no fault of either of ours she became increasingly difficult and dangerous to the point where she was going to kill me.  I’ve been kicked, bitten, reared up at and on, knocked over, knocked in the head, dragged off down the driveway, through the paddock you name it!  I couldn’t even go in the paddock with her without getting chased by flying hooves and gnashing teeth.  I always had to have something with me to make myself bigger just to be safe, I’ve even had to run and commando roll through the fence to get out of the paddock and out of her way.

This went on for three years!  Eventually I figured out that if I stopped trying to get my own way and stopped forcing her to do what I wanted and be who and what I wanted, she softened.  I started to feel safer, I was able to go slower, she was able to share how she felt and I learnt how to listen.  She had gotten SO loud with her body because I wasn’t listening.  When I backed off and gave her space to be herself and share herself with me AND I accepted her 1000% for who she is, what she likes, where her thresholds are and I made a lifetime promise to never betray her, she gave me her truest most delicate self.  I made a promise to protect her and she made a promise to never let me be anything less than my authentic self.

Bumpy is the catalyst for change in my life, she is my teacher, my guide and my muse.  From the minute she was born she has been strong willed and extremely sure of who she is and what she stands for!  She’s moody, opinionated and outspoken but has the best sense of humour and never ceases to entertain me.

Full Circle Equestrian has evolved into what really is a Full Circle approach to horses.  You can find out more on how I got here and why Full Circle on the blog.

*Disclaimer, I personally do not use the word “breaker” but that’s how the people I worked for refer to themselves

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