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Horse-Human Relationship Coaching

Full Circle Equestrian

Horse-Human Relationship Coaching

What is Horse-Human Relationship Coaching?

All relationships need to be nurtured. Sometimes when things are really tough, we need outside support as we navigate our challenges. Our relationship with our horse is no different.

Horse-Human Relationship Coaching works with both horse and human, helping to create an awareness of each other and your unique communication styles. Healing past trauma and navigating a way forward, together you will develop a heart centered way of being.

By looking within ourselves as humans and honouring our horse as a horse, you will discover the true essence of what you both seek in order to create a successful long term partnership.

For You

Develop an awareness of what you bring to the relationship. Discover how your mindset and body awareness impacts on your horse. Restore your confidence, build your trust and start having fun!

For Your Horse

Unshackle the constraints of traditional training and allow your horse to become an equal partner. Remove conflict and develop a soft synchronicity that eliminates the need for dominance or force.





Meet Your Coach

Hi! My name is Tiecher, I’m here to help you and your horse find a place of harmony and flow, where life together is blissful and even the hard things can be easy. My passion is to help you and your horse understand each other so you both feel safe, confident and in love with life.

If you’re struggling, you’ve tried everything, it’s not working or it’s getting worse, I’m here to help you remove conflict, restore confidence, build trust and unite you and your horse as partners for life.

What My Clients Say

Tiecher has been blessed with a unique understanding of horses but not only that, she is an incredible people person too! This makes for such a wonderful experience when you train with her because her understanding, compassion and wealth of knowledge sets you up for complete success. The ups and downs with horses can be challenging and everybody should have access to someone like Tiecher to guide you through those ‘sticky’ training times and unlock the relationship and goals with your horse that you always wanted too. Thanks Tiecher


I first met Tiecher after a long break from horses, my horse Ollie was quite poorly from a bout of laminitis and shut down after a racing career, I was looking for something different to help him. Tiecher showed me a way of connecting with him that stripped away what I knew from the past and started me on a new journey from a different perspective, today Ollie is quite the expressive horse which I just love to witness. Tiecher has a very intuitive way of working with the horses which both myself and Ollie enjoy. She is also most helpful and generous with surpassing her knowledge and assistance, genuinely caring for both horse and owner which I have really appreciated, Thanks Tiecher


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