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Welcome to Full Circle Equestrian, my name is Tiecher and I’m here to help you and your horse find a place of harmony and flow, where life together is blissful and even the hard things can be easy.  My passion is to help you understand your horse so you both feel safe, confident and in love with life.

If you’re struggling, you’ve tried everything, it’s not working or it’s getting worse, I’m here to help you remove the conflict, restore the confidence, build the trust and unite you and your horse as partners for life.

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For every interaction a horse has with a human,

she should improve in her mind, her body and her spirit

Would you like to find out how I can help you and your horse become partners for life?

What My Clients Say

Tiecher has been blessed with a unique understanding of horses but not only that, she is an incredible people person too! This makes for such a wonderful experience when you train with her because her understanding, compassion and wealth of knowledge sets you up for complete success.


My horse Ollie was quite shut down after a racing career. Tiecher showed me a way of connecting with him that stripped away what I knew from the past and started me on a new journey from a different perspective. Tiecher has a very intuitive way of working with the horses which both myself and Ollie enjoy.


Not only does Tiecher have an amazing gift with horses, but she truly brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her work. My young foal had such a positive introduction to the halter and to floating during what was otherwise a difficult and stressful time. Something I never would have thought possible!


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